Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psssttt.... I've got a secret...

I don't wish to jinx this but I think I may have found my space. It's in need of some TLC, in a safe area only a 5 minute drive from home. I would be sharing space with an accomplished local jewellery designer. We meet today to figure this out...

It's 400 square feet! I have never had that much room ever!
The rainbow picture is from Lake Okanogan- Vernon, BC

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wonky House...without a sewing space... and a studio quest...

The above 'wacky or wonky house' is from my UFO sewing bin. I had planned to use a cobblestone fabric and a few other funky fabrics I had collected but I cannot locate them. Instead I went with a piece from my current bin of batiks and I will embellish by hand this evening with beads and other small bits of fabric.
The few folks who read this blog know that I haven't currently got a sewing space. I surrendered it for my daughters sake and now we are seriously full up at the 'Inn'.
I have moved my sewing from room to room and now it is currently set up in the dining room, which is where I believe I started out 25 or so years ago. I need to move out of that space tomorrow to prep for a family dinner party. I really feel cramped and creatively stifled in a way I can't fully describe. I can't seem to locate a permanent space in this house and it's driving me a little bit crazy. Really. So, I have decided that I will find studio space outside of the house. I did come across one place in an Industrial area not far from home that was actually pretty cool and had an awesome view of the ports but it went quickly. I don't have a lot of money to do this so my aspirations aren't too high. A safe area, and not too far from home. Just as long as the owner is willing to let me add my touch :o). I'll post more soon... wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My St. Patrick's Day Joy

March 17th 1997...

I know every parent says this... but where does the time go? My youngest are celebrating their 12th! birthday today... March 17th, 2009. They are an eighth Irish on my husband's side but are quite sure they are full Irish as they were born on this fabulous day. Because we are such a large family and we are still thankfully all together we are off for a day of fun with them which includes a famous Irish restaurant/pub in Vancouver. (For lunch - not the usual St. Paddy's day activities!!!) Here are a few pictures from their babyhood I had to share. I hope everyone has a joyful and fun St.Paddy's Day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The last winter storm?

We've had the most snow this winter of any winter season I can remember. Yesterday and today have been lovely but chilly. Here are a few photos from yesterday. My crocuses don't know what to do!
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I am drawing on Tuesday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Instead of Quilting....

I haven't been blogging or quilting as the hiking group I belong to 'Fresh Air Fitness', has just completed our first makeover of a downtown east side mission. I had a small part of it - just one day painting and cleaning- but it is a wonderful, special endeavour to have been a part of. The local news did a lovely story on it and we are in the second half. Have a peek :)

It's glorious to finally see change happening in this neighbourhood, it was so desperately needed, and a safer more hospitable community is emerging as a result. Mission Possible is a big part of this change.
PS - I am on the ladder with the denim shirt on :)