Saturday, March 7, 2009

Instead of Quilting....

I haven't been blogging or quilting as the hiking group I belong to 'Fresh Air Fitness', has just completed our first makeover of a downtown east side mission. I had a small part of it - just one day painting and cleaning- but it is a wonderful, special endeavour to have been a part of. The local news did a lovely story on it and we are in the second half. Have a peek :)

It's glorious to finally see change happening in this neighbourhood, it was so desperately needed, and a safer more hospitable community is emerging as a result. Mission Possible is a big part of this change.
PS - I am on the ladder with the denim shirt on :)


Chris said...

Nice work, good for you! And on the TV news no less. If things continue the way they have been, we may need to do a lot more of that kind of volunteer work to keep life bearable. I have just one question: You can plant flowers in Canada this time of year?

Quiltplay said...

Yes, the first spring flowers are up and you can plant primulas, crocuses, etc. We have some snow this morning though, just a dusting. I think this is the last of winter.