Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pillow Capers

I really have lost my sewing mojo the last little while and decided to take on some easy and gratifying stitching. In the few hours I've had in between going to and from my mothers, the kids various schools and appointments, food fetching and prep... (all you Mom's know the routine) I've been making pillows. Pillows are very gratifying to stitch up as they are quick and relatively easy. I made a few sets for gifts and displays - these were rather addicting! This was a great way to get back into the swing of things.

I love the red tulips on the decor fabric, and the sunflowers in Sole, and of course I had to do one with a quilt theme.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A skirt for my Mama

My dear mother had a bad fall ten days ago and hurt her shoulder quite badly. She is in her 80's and this has left her quite immobile. My siblings and I have been taking shifts to care for her and I am happy to say she is making a good recovery thus far. I have only to been to my studio for brief periods of time; and mostly to fix hems or repair things. Today I happily took a few hours to make my mother a wrap skirt that will make it easier to dress. I am quite pleased at how it turned out. The pattern is from and is called the Dana A line skirt. It has been generously offered as a free download that you can print yourself at home and I can tell you it was simple and fun to make. My mother's favorite color is blue and she loves butterflies so I was thrilled to find this beautiful Japanese fabric in my stash.

I hope she likes it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I love being a mother. My favorite part of this day are the handmade cards I get to treasure the rest of my life. I love them all -but I have posted one that means more to me then any gift I could have received. This is from my third child who is working (and succeeding) at many of his learning challenges. I won't get into details but he had a written output issue and working with a pencil to write, never mind draw was too difficult to imagine. The detail and quality of this handmade card amaze me. I know it took him three times as long to do - and that makes it all the more special. It's just AWESOME!

Have a wonderful day all!

Monday, April 27, 2009

River kayaking in Arizona

It has been at least 20 years since we have been to Arizona. This past weekend, in fact three whole days and nights, we spent in Phoenix and it was just beautiful. Hot and sunny. The best part is that my allergies disappeared for the three days we were there. They are back now and I can see why so many people with allergies choose to stay there for the Spring.
The highlight of our mini-vacation was a kayaking excursion down the Salt River. I have just been learning to kayak here in Canada on the longer kayaks with skirts and pedals. The ones we took down the Salt River were ocean going kayaks (go figure) and were simple, stable and loads of fun. We even did rapids! Too much fun!
Tomorrow I am spending the day in my studio! I should be cleaning my house... but why?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Studio Update

Long time no post...
April is always a busy time around here. We have an abundance of birthdays, family and work functions to attend to. It has been difficult to find time to fix up the studio so I've approached it by doing just a few hours at a time. I am finally at the point that I can move things in, which has been simply wonderful. I am half way there but it already feels so fabulous. Things are still not as organized as I would like them to be but in time, it will be and that is all that matters. I did spend some time sewing and managed to whip up some beautiful pillows, new curtains and a few other items for my daughters room. It all turned out beautifully and I think it is because the studio is so bright and spacious and easy to work in. So, here are a few pictures of my happy space.

Storage space with loads of fabric.

It's amazing to have it all back together!

More fabric in the corner of the studio...
I have a good deal to inventory

My 'twin' sewing machines.
One is set up for stitching, one for embroidering.
I have really missed these guys!

Serger and Cutting corner... plus computer space.
I haven't quite figured it all out yet.

I treated myself to some inexpensive IKEA tables and to two comfy seats.
They're WHITE! with a pink/green pin stripe.
This is too funny - I simply can't have white or light
colored furniture at home. But I can in my studio!

I feel so lucky! Now I just have to prove that I deserve this space. :o)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Before photos

Studio in transformation...
I have my space! I won't be blogging so much as I get this painted, cleaned and ready to become a studio. Here are a few photos before painting. If your monitor is showing you a sickly yellowish brown color on the walls that's about right! The blinds are blue... hmmm.
I am going 'white' - yup - just white! I realize this isn't very inspiring but I want the fabric and textiles I have to be the focal point. The white also makes it feel so much cleaner.
We have two more family birthdays this week... My DH and eldest son, so I am going in early to sand and paint as I won't be available to this weekend. Hopefully, new photos will be up mid week.