Monday, April 20, 2009

Studio Update

Long time no post...
April is always a busy time around here. We have an abundance of birthdays, family and work functions to attend to. It has been difficult to find time to fix up the studio so I've approached it by doing just a few hours at a time. I am finally at the point that I can move things in, which has been simply wonderful. I am half way there but it already feels so fabulous. Things are still not as organized as I would like them to be but in time, it will be and that is all that matters. I did spend some time sewing and managed to whip up some beautiful pillows, new curtains and a few other items for my daughters room. It all turned out beautifully and I think it is because the studio is so bright and spacious and easy to work in. So, here are a few pictures of my happy space.

Storage space with loads of fabric.

It's amazing to have it all back together!

More fabric in the corner of the studio...
I have a good deal to inventory

My 'twin' sewing machines.
One is set up for stitching, one for embroidering.
I have really missed these guys!

Serger and Cutting corner... plus computer space.
I haven't quite figured it all out yet.

I treated myself to some inexpensive IKEA tables and to two comfy seats.
They're WHITE! with a pink/green pin stripe.
This is too funny - I simply can't have white or light
colored furniture at home. But I can in my studio!

I feel so lucky! Now I just have to prove that I deserve this space. :o)


Chris said...

Oh, I am just loving your space. How happy you must be. And I am so happy for you!

julieb said...

so nice that you have a space again. i have been following your blog and am thinking about a studio my self.

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Oh, I think you deserve this space. :) Tell me...what are you using to raise the table?

Quiltplay said...

Hi Karen
They are called 'BedRaisers" and they can be used on beds or tables to raise the height about 6 inches. Purchased at 'Linens and Things' when they were still around for about $20.

Thank you for the sweet comments all!