Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A skirt for my Mama

My dear mother had a bad fall ten days ago and hurt her shoulder quite badly. She is in her 80's and this has left her quite immobile. My siblings and I have been taking shifts to care for her and I am happy to say she is making a good recovery thus far. I have only to been to my studio for brief periods of time; and mostly to fix hems or repair things. Today I happily took a few hours to make my mother a wrap skirt that will make it easier to dress. I am quite pleased at how it turned out. The pattern is from and is called the Dana A line skirt. It has been generously offered as a free download that you can print yourself at home and I can tell you it was simple and fun to make. My mother's favorite color is blue and she loves butterflies so I was thrilled to find this beautiful Japanese fabric in my stash.

I hope she likes it.

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Chris said...

How could she not like it?? It's really nice, and you made it.