Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten

Twelve years ago when my middle son was 2 I made a simple quilt for him to drag around and cuddle with. At the time he would spend some time with me in my sewing room in the basement and he chose the fabrics and colors for his quilt. The theme was frogs and it took just a few fat quarters and some luscious batiks to construct. Blues, greens and purples, his favorite colors were used. I hand embroidered his nickname and a small frog on the back. It quickly became his favorite quilt, even though it was the most simple one he owned. He took it on car rides, to hotels, camping trips and over to friends homes. It was a cuddle blanket, a super hero cape, a picnic mat and occasionally the ocean floor. We washed the dirt out of it too many times to count and even though the edges slowly frayed and colors slightly faded it still remained his special quilt.

As he got older and it wasn't 'cool' to carry his blanket around, he would only do so discreetly. He would carefully stow it in his bag and then tuck it into the sides of a couch or behind a cushion or pillow when he was away from home. Around the age of nine when we were on a family road trip he managed to hide his blanket a little too well and it was missed on our final pack up. Somehow we didn't notice until it was too late and despite several calls and emails it was never found or returned.

Ironically I have few photos of this little quilt. I was never particualarily proud of the quilt as it was rushed and not as squared up as I like. At the time I was pregnant with my last babies and busy working on their layette. The photo I do have was taken years later and unintentionally. I was taking pictures of some other quilts when my son suggested I photograph his as well. It was already pretty worn and used but there it is.

So now, after a few years, we have decided to make a new quilt together. It will be a large lap size that he can use on TV nights or in his room on his bed. Of course it will be in batiks and we'll use lots of blues and greens mingled with some yellow and orange hues. He wants it to remind him of the ocean and the sky during a sunset. He has designed his own pattern too; and has stuck to a simple but interesting design that will show off the batiks but not cut them too small. Here is a photo of some of the fabrics we'll be using. To this we are going to add some gorgeous hoffman patterns I have (not too many) but enough to make it pop. This should be fun .... I will post photos as we start stitching our quilt squares! The best part is we will be doing this together we'll always have this memory to cherish.

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Karen said...

Sad the quilt was lost. Love the fabric for the new one.