Friday, January 2, 2009

More Snow...more time to sew...

The snow just won't stop. It was a beautiful day and I did manage a slow hike with a good friend and the use of some 'yaktracks'. It's pretty icy on the trails and there are many deep sections. It takes twice the time to do the normal hike with the dogs. They seem to love it though and romp on and off of the high drifts. Best to enjoy it now, we are due for the usual rain in a couple of days and everything will be grey and slushy.

Here is another quilt recently finished. This one is for me and the first one I have ever made for myself. I made it during a retreat and it was a mystery. All we were told was to pick four fabrics with two in a light value and two in a dark value. We did get to do all the precutting beforehand, which made the actual sewing go so much faster. I am not really a rose person but this fabric from Japanese manufacturer Lecien called Antique Rose was really appealing.

This quilt was also my first longarm quilted and it turned out fantastic. It was done by a lovely lady in Saskatchewan called Monika. She is so talented. I don't think I will ever struggle with a quilt on my machine again :o). (at least not the big ones) Monika has a shop on Etsy where she sells her own quilts and also offers information about her longarm service Have a peek, she is fantastic!

I am readying another quilt to send to her shortly. Ironically it is also a floral theme. It's huge though - 82" x 82". I am so glad it won't be quilted by me!

Here are two pics of that quilt before I send it out. (still debating the backing fabric)


Karen said...

Both quilts are beautiful! Nothing like flowers to brighten a winters day.

Quiltlover said...

I am looking forward to quilting this for you. The pink backing looks good and I already have a pattern picked out for quilting it. It is called Come Dance with Me, lovely open and whimsical.