Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katie Baby Quilt

This is a small quilt I stitched up a couple of months ago for a friend who had a baby. The squares are from the Katie Jump Rope collection which is one of my favorite sets. I do find that many of the designer collections are so busy that they look best offset with neutral tones. It was so simple and from start to finish took less than 6 hours. (of course with breaks and stretches and chocolate in between). Probably less if I didn't handstitch the binding. I really love these small projects. They are so quick and gratifying.
The snow is finally melting away and now we just have big mounds of ice everywhere! There still aren't many parking spots and sidewalks are non existent. Lots of rain and a wind warning so I hope we don't lose power again. The last one caused serious issues with the router and it took me a long time to figure out what had gone wrong. Thankfully it was fixable; it's amazing how much we use the Internet for.
Best wishes and lots of happy stitches!


Carole said...

Thanks for stopping by! Lovely quilt! Cheers!

Karen said...

What a sweet quilt.